The best luggage carts for travel

When you have several pieces of luggage it can become pretty difficult to maneuver through the airport. That’s why a lot of travelers are starting to opt for luggage carts. These are basically foldable push carts that are designed to carry luggage and other large travel gear. These are especially handy for people with large families or children who need car seats and other bulky stuff to come along for the ride. The best luggage carts for travel are foldable and can generally fit into overhead bins on planes or be gate checked.

The best luggage carts for travel

  1. ROYI Folding Hand Truck
  2. Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart
  3. TravelKart Travel Luggage Cart
  4. BlueJan Luggage Cart
  5. MQ&YH Folding Compact Lightweight Premium Durable Luggage Cart

We put ROYI in the top spot simply because of the sheer number of positive reviews it has. This is by far the best rated luggage cart in the business. It weighs only 4 pounds as well which is fairly light considering it can carry up to 155lbs of luggage (70kg). This is due to the very strong steel that is used in the design which feels incredibly solid in the hand. It uses large tank wheels which hold up very well under strain. Many of the cheaper models use smaller rubber wheels which deteriorate very quickly over time. The ROYI folding hand truck includes a nice 2 meter flat bungee cord to fasten your luggage to the unit while in motion. Overall this is the luggage cart to beat.

Samsonite is a very close second with their luggage compact folding cart. This one has a very similar design but can only manage to carry 70lbs of luggage. While this isn’t bad, we’d argue that this limiting factor is a bit annoying considering the size of the unit.

The TravelKart Travel Luggage Cart is almost the same specs as the Samsonite but features a more metal design. Again, maxing out at 70lbs. The BlueJan and the MQ&YH are also great runners up even though they don’t match the capacity of the ROYI.

If you only need to carry your main bag and one more, then consider getting a carry on bag that has a second bag attachment. This is basically a loop that allows your second bag to slide on the pull handle of the other. Check out our top carry on picks, many of which have this function.

If you’re considering picking up a luggage cart we strongly suggest you look at the ROYIdue to its large capacity and very compact design, but any of the five on this list are excellent choices. Happy traveling!

Summary: The best luggage carts for travel


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