Infographic: The best seat on the plane

What is the best seat on the airplane? This is a great question. Actually, depending on your preferences you may prefer sitting from the back to the front of the plane. Check out our infographic below which outlines why you may choose to sit at different points in the airplane. So the best seat on the plane in this instance is up to you!

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Best seat on the plane infographic

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Infographic: The best seat on the plane

For a quick exit

Seats near the front will almost always exit the plane first.

For a quiet flight

Seats near the front will generally have less engine noise.

For the smoothest ride

Seats just behind the wings will have the most stability and least turbulence.

More overhead room

Airlines board starting at the back. You get first dibs on the overhead bins.

Extra leg room

Exit rows will have seats with extra leg room. Keep in mind that these seats often cost extra money.


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