Carry-on size chart: All major airlines hand baggage measurements

So you want to travel with just your carry-on luggage eh? Well, we can help. The issue is that airlines around the world all use different standards for determining their carry-on size restrictions. This means that there really isn’t on standardized carry-on luggage size. A domestic airline in the US will often have very different dimensions and weight limitations than a budget carrier in Europe. That’s why we created this handy list. We took days and days to gather up all of the carry-on hand baggage restriction numbers for you.

If you’re interested in our picks for the best carry-on luggage on the market, check out our Buyer’s Guide: Best carry-on luggage. You’ll find both US domestic and international carry-on sizes in there. Check the sizes on the chart below and that will tell you whether you need the slightly smaller international carry-on size.

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Check out the table below that has basically every major passenger airline on Earth’s carryon size restrictions. You can sort them by the different header categories, search for a specific airline or click the + icon to reveal a bit of extra info and where we pulled the numbers from (generally from the airline’s website itself).

AirlineHeight (Length)WidthDepthWeightLinear TotalPersonal item allowedPersonal item weightMore information
Aegean Airlines56cm45cm25cm8kg-Yes5kg
Aer Lingus21.5" (55cm)15.5" (40cm)9.5" (24cm)22lb (10kg) -Yes-
Aeroflot55cm40cm20cm10kg (Economy), 15kg (Business)-Yes-
Aerolineas Argentinas55cm35cm25cm8kg (Economy), 10kg (Club Economy)-Yes-
Aeromexico22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)22lb, 10kg (Economy), 39lb, 18kg (Clase Premier)-Yes6.6lb (4kg)
Air Canada21.5" (55cm)15.5" (40cm)9" (23cm)22lb (10kg)-Yes22lb (10kg)
Air China21" (55cm)15" (40cm)7" (20cm)5kg (Economy), 8kg (Business)-Yes-
Air Europa55cm35cm25cm10kg (Economy), 18kg (Business)-Yes-
Air France21.7" (55cm)13.8" (35cm)9.9" (25cm)39.7lb (18kg)-Yes-
Air India22" (55cm)14" (35cm)10" (25cm)8kg-Yes-
Air India Express22" (55cm)14" (35cm)10" (25cm)8kg-Yes-
Air New Zealand---15lb, 7kg (Economy), 30lb, 14kg (Business)-Yes-
Air Serbia55cm40cm20cm8kg (Economy), 8kg + 4kg (Business)-Yes-
Air Tahiti Nui---22lb (10kg)45" (115cm)Yes3kg
Air Transat20" (51cm)16" (40cm)9" (23cm)22lb,10kg (Economy), 33lb, 15kg (Club Class)-Yes-
Air Vanuatu48cm34cm23cm7kg (5kg from New Caledonia and Fiji)-Unknown-
AirAsia X56cm36cm23cm7kg-Yes-
Alaska Airlines24" (61cm)17" (43cm)10" (25cm)--No-
Allegiant22" (55.9cm)14" (35.6cm)9" (22.9cm)--Yes-
American Airlines22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)--Yes-
ANA22" (55cm)16" (40cm)10" (25cm)22lb (10kg) -Yes-
Asiana55cm40cm20cm22lb (10kg) (x2 for Business)-Yes-
Austrian55cm40cm23cm8kg (x2 for Business)-Yes-
Avianca---22lb (10kg)45" (115cm)Yes-
Bangkok Airways56cm36cm23cm5kg-No-
British Airways22" (56cm)18" (45cm)10" (25cm)51lb (23kg)-Yes51lb (23kg)
Brussels Airlines55cm40cm23cm12kg-Yes-
Cathay Pacific22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)15lb (7kg) for most flights-Yes-
CEBU Pacific Air22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)7kg-Yes-
China Airlines22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)7kg-Yes-
China Eastern22" (55cm)16" (40cm)8" (20cm)11lb (5kg)-Unknown-
China Southern---11lb (5kg)45" (115cm)Unknown-
Condor55cm40cm20cm6kg (Economy), 12kg (Business)-Unknown-
Copa Airlines---22lb (10kg) (x2 for Business)45" (115cm)Yes-
Czech Airlines55cm45cm25cm8kg (x2 for Business)-No-
Delta22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)--Yes-
Dragonair22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)15lb, 7kg (Economy), 33lb, 15kg (Business)-Yes-
Edelweiss Air55cm40cm23cm8kg (x2 for Business)-Yes-
EL AL56cm45cm25cm8kg (Economy), 24kg (First Class)-Unknown-
Emirates22" (55cm)15" (38cm)8" (20cm)15lb (7kg)-Yes-
Ethiopian Airlines55cm40cm23cm15lb (7kg)-Yes5kg
Etihad50cm40cm25cm7kg (Economy), 12kg (First Class)-Unknown-
EVA Air22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)15lb (7kg)-Yes-
Fiji Airways55cm40cm23cm15lb (7kg)-Yes-
Finnair22" (56cm)18" (45cm)10" (25cm)22lb (10kg)-Yes-
FlyBE55cm35cm20cm22lb (10kg)-Yes-
Garuda Indonesia56cm36cm23cm7kg-Unknown-
Gol22" (55cm)18" (40cm)10" (25cm)22lb (10kg)-No-
Gulf Air17" (45cm)15" (40cm)12" (30cm)6kg (Economy), 9kg (Falcon Gold)-Yes-
Hainan Airlines---22lb (10kg)45" (115cm)Yes-
Hawaiian Airlines22"14"9"25lb (11.5kg)-Yes-
Icelandair55cm40cm20cm22lb (10kg)-Yes-
IndiGo Airlines55cm35cm25cm7kg-No-
InterJet---22lb (10kg)-Unknown-
Japan Airlines22" (55cm)16" (40cm)10" (25cm)22lb (10kg)-Yes-
Jet Airways55cm35cm25cm7kg-No-
JetBlue22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)--Yes-
Jetstar56cm36cm23cm7kg (Economy), 14kg (Business)-Yes-
Kenya Airways55cm35cm25cm12kg-Yes-
KLM21.5" (55cm)13.5" (35cm)10" (25cm)12kg (Economy), 18kg (Business)-Yes-
Korean Air---12kg (Economy), 18kg (Business)-Yes-
LATAM Brasil21" (55cm)13" (35cm)9" (25cm)17lb (8kg)-Yes-
LATAM Chile21" (55cm)13" (35cm)9" (25cm)17lb (8kg)-Yes-
Lion Airlines40cm30cm20cm7kg-Unknown-
LOT Polish Airlines55cm40cm23cm8-9kg-Unknown-
Malaysia Airlines56cm36cm23cm15lb, 7kg (Economy), 31lb, 14kg (Business)-Yes9lb (4kg)
Nok Air56cm36cm23cm7kg-No-
Norwegian Air Shuttle55cm40cm23cm10kg (Economy), 15kg (Flex, PremiumFlex)-Yes-
Oman Air---15lb (7kg)45" (115cm)Unknown-
OpenSkies56cm45cm25cm51lb (23kg)-Yes-
Philippine Airlines---15lb (7kg)45" (115cm)Yes-
Porter22" (55cm)16" (40cm)9" (23cm)20lb (9kg)-Yes20lb (9kg)
Qantas22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)15lb (7kg)-Yes-
Qatar Airways20" (50cm)15" (37cm)10" (25cm)15lb (7kg)-Yes-
Regional Express---15lb (7kg)105cmYes-
Royal Brunei22" (55cm)15" (38cm)8" (20cm)15lb (7kg)-Yes11lb (5kg)
Royal Jordanian20" (51cm)16" (41cm)9" (23cm)15lb (7kg)-Yes-
S7 Airlines55cm40cm20cm15lb (7kg)-Yes-
SAS22" (55cm)16" (40cm)9" (23cm)18lb (8kg)-Yes-
Saudia---9kg45" (115cm)Yes-
Scoot Airlines54cm38cm23cm10kg (Economy), 15kg (ScootBiz)-Yes-
Silkair---7kg (Economy), 14kg (Business)45" (115cm)Yes-
Singapore Airlines---7kg (Economy), 14kg (Business)45" (115cm)Yes-
Skylanes---22lb45" (115cm)Yes-
South African Airways56cm36cm23cm8kg (Economy), 16kg (Business)-Yes-
SpiceJet---15lb (7kg)45" (115cm)Unknown-
Spirit22" (56cm)18" (46cm)10" (25cm)--Yes-
Spring Airlines22" (40cm)14" (30cm)9" (20cm)7kg-Unknown-
Spring Japan22" (40cm)14" (30cm)9" (20cm)7kg-Unknown-
Sri Lankan Airlines18" (46cm)14" (36cm)8" (20cm)7kg (Economy), 14kg (Business)-Yes-
Sun Country24"16"11"35lb-Yes-
SWISS55cm40cm23cm8kg (Economy), 16kg (Business)-Yes-
TACA---22lb (10kg)45" (115cm)Yes-
TAP Portugal22" (55cm)16" (40cm)9" (20cm)17lb (8kg)-Yes-
THAI22" (56cm)18" (45cm)10" (25cm)15lb-Yes3.3lb (1.5kg)
Thomas Cook Airlines55cm40cm20cm6kg (Economy), 10kg (Premium)-Yes-
Tigerair Australia54cm38cm23cm7kg-Yes-
TUIfly18" (45cm)14" (35cm)8" (20cm)11lb (5kg)-Unknown-
Turkish Airlines55cm40cm23cm8kg-Yes-
Vanilla Air56cm36cm23cm10kg-Yes-
Vietnam Airlines22" (56cm)11" (36cm)9" (23cm)7kg-Unknown-
Virgin America24" (61cm)16" (41cm)10" (25cm)--Yes-
Virgin Atlantic22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)22lb (10kg)-No-
Virgin Australia48cm34cm23cm7kg-Yes-
Vueling Airlines55cm40cm20cm10kg-Yes-
WestJet21" (53cm)15" (38cm)9" (23cm)--Yes-
WOW air22" (56cm)18" (45cm)10" (25cm)26lb (12kg)-Yes-
Sunwing20" (51cm)16" (40cm)9" (23cm)5kg-Yes-
Air Algérie55cm35cm25cm10kg-No-
Air Botswana---7kg-Unknown-
Air Côte d'Ivoire56cm45cm25cm10kg-Unknown-
Royal Air Maroc---10kg45" (115cm)Yes-
Precision Air55cm38cm20cm7kg-Yes-
Ariana Afghan Airlines55cm35cm25cm7kg-Yes-
Kam Air21.5" (55cm)15.5 (40cm)9" (23cm)15lb (7kg)-Unknown-
Safi Airways---7kg--
Biman Bangladesh Airlines---7kg45" (115cm)Unknown-
NovoAir19" (48cm)13" (34cm)8" (22cm)7kg-Unknown-
Regent Airways22"18"10"--Yes-
Cambodia Angkor Air22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)7kg (Economy), 14kg (Business)Yes-
Beijing Capital Airlines---5kg (Economy), 10kg (Business)45" (115cm)Unknown-
Juneyao Air55cm40cm20cm5kg-Unknown-
Shanghai Airlines22" (55cm)16" (40cm)8" (20cm)11lb (5kg)-Unknown-
Shenzhen Airlines---5kg45" (115cm)Unknown-
Sichuan Airlines55cm40cm20cm10kg-Unknown-
HK Express22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)15.4lb (7kg)-Yes-
Hong Kong Airlines22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)15.4lb (7kg)-Yes-
Air Macau22" (56cm)14" (36cm)9" (23cm)15.4lb (7kg)-Yes-
Air Costa55cm35cm25cm7kg-Yes-

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  1. Great resource. I believe that you could make it even better if you normalized the measurements in both directions, giving both centimeters and inches for all airlines. And, since I am guessing that you just relayed the information in the units each airline prefers, indicate which units they provide the information in.

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