Carry on luggage review: Saddleback Leather Co. Flight Bag review

Want to add a bit of class to your carry on luggage game? Have a tendancy to feel super jealous of Indiana Jones’ gear setup? Well, this week we are reviewing the outrageously high quality Saddleback Leather Co. Flight Bag. This is not your normal run of the mill personal item or carry on bag either. Saddleback takes everything you love about leather and has made a true masterpiece.

9 Total Score
So durable that your kids will fight over it when you're gone

This bag is the epitome of style and function. Sure, this isn't going to carry everything you need for a weekend, but couple it with a small carry on and you are good to go. The leather here takes center stage and makes this one of the most stunning bags we have ever reviewed.

Overall quality
Design features
Storage space
  • Amazing craftsmanship
  • Outrageously good 100 year warranty
  • Very good design and simple layout
  • Expensive
  • Not very large capacity
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Saddleback Leather Co. Flight Bag Carry-On Review

100 year warranty and the goods to back it up

We’ve loved Saddleback’s leather work since we first laid eyes on their men’s wallets many moons ago. But since then they have branched out into other bag categories and this includes carry on luggage. Now technically this bag is really more of a briefcase or personal item due to its size. But its design just screams carry on due to the pocket choices. Think of this as a travel briefcase that could probably fit a little more than you are used to.

Carry on luggage review Saddleback Leather Co. Flight Bag on bike

The story here is all about the leather. Saddleback uses the very top quality full grain leather which is essentially the top layer of cow skin. This is the kind of bag that will pick up a subtle patina as it ages. Scuffs and scrapes will just add to its character. The thread that holds this beast together is marine grade polyester thread. Top that off with reinforced copper rivets and super soft pig skin lining and you start to understand why this bag is a cut above everyone else in this category.

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You’re not getting super innovative pockets or electronics storage here. No wheels either. This is a leather bag for the ages. But we have been very impressed with the layout and quality of the pockets on board. You have two wide pockets on the front of the bag for any accessories or keys. And then in the inside you have the main compartment and also a laptop sleeve big enough for a MacBook Pro.

Warranty and value

You buy Saddleback for the quality. And the Saddleback Leather Co. Flight Bag is no exception. It includes Saddleback’s crazy 100 year warranty which has the slogan: “They’ll Fight Over When You’re Dead.” I expect this to be totally true when this bag is ready to be passed on to your kids and grand kids. It is that durable.

Saddleback Leather Co. Flight Bag Carry-On Review round-up: Is this bag for me?

If you want a bag with some personality and just oozing with superior craftsmanship then the Saddleback Leather Co. Flight Bagis for you. Yes, you will need a secondary bag since this is more of a briefcase size. But you will be the envy of pretty much any passenger with a nugget of style and respect for the old world style of building awesome quality bags. As far as leather personal item carry ons are concerned, this is by far the best.


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